Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Division for the construction of communication lines

The division provides construction of new main and local lines (including optical fiber lines), repair, renovation and reconstruction of existing cable communication lines and electricity.

Horizontal directional drilling division

The division performs works on the construction of new and reconstruction of existing pipelines of small and large diameter by trenchless method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Within HDD division five complexes for various purposes are formed, which are based on existing drilling machines.

Mounting and measuring division

The division provides installation and measurement of all types of fiber optic and copper cables, construction and installation of regenerative unattended posts, control and measuring posts, and input, operational and acceptance control of linear building construction.

Division of mechanism repair and restoration

To ensure continious operation of mechanized columns, there are special mobile repair teams at LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3". Highly skilled machine operators of these teams in the shortest possible time eliminate the damage and restore the mechanisms.