Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Construction by HDD method


  Construction of water supply

During the construction and restoration of water supply one must work with pipes of various diameters and lengths. In most cases, the construction of new and rehabilitation of existing water supply in cities by traditional methods are difficult with dense buildings and existing infrastructure of engineering services. Compact size of HDD equipment VERMEER NAVIGATOR D7x11 with a pulling force of up to 4 tons allow laying of water pipes with diameter up to 300mm and up to 150m in the urban environment. Thus using this machine LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" successfully completed the construction of water networks diameter of 110-250 mm in Yarmolyntsi Khmelnitsky region and Litin Vinnytsia region.


  Laying of pressure and gravity sewer

HDD technology is widely used for construction of culvert runoff treatment facilities of rain (melt) water. In Kiev city using equipment VERMEER NAVIGATOR HDD D18x22 pipelines of 400 mm diameter are built to protect Batyieva Mountain of displacement, electricity and gravity sewers with a diameter of 400 mm on Borshchagovka are laid. In addition, this drilling machine made construction of gravity sewer diameter of 630 mm in Armyansk (Crimea).


Arrangement of cable passages under rivers, roads, railways etc.

Natural or technogenic obstacles always take place on track of laying truck lines.  It can be navigable and mountain rivers, marshes and lakes, forests and protected areas, roads and railways, oil and gas pipelines and others. For laying cable passages under these and other obstacles LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" using equipment VERMEER NAVIGATOR HDD D18x22, D33x44 and D36x50. The use of HDD method enables significantly accelerated the pace of construction, and improve the reliability and quality of cable lines.


Laying cables for data transfer of road traffic control system (RTCS)

All are familiar with the numerous inconveniences linking congestion of vehicles on the streets of modern cities. One way to solve this problem is the construction of traffic control system (TCS). This system enables real-time monitoring of traffic, control traffic lights in automatic and manual modes, record traffic violations etc. In Vinnitsa LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" using equipment VERMEER NAVIGATOR HDD D7x11 hass made punctures to each of the traffic signals and laid fiber-optic cables. As the result was built an extensive cable network, which provides high-speed data exchange between the control center and TCS of traffic lights in Vinnitsa.


Construction of inverted siphon transitions under the rivers

LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" working for the placement inverted siphon transitions under navigable mountain rivers for oil and gas pipelines. The last of these transitions were made at Southern Bug River near Vinnitsa city. With equipment VERMEER NAVIGATOR HDD D100x120 two cases in diameter of 420 mm and length of 280 meters each are successfully laid. Using of HDD method significantly accelerated the construction of high pressure gas pipeline.


Laying of steel casings for gas pipelines

HDD complex VERMEER NAVIGATOR D33x44 with traction force to 15 tons enables to lay trunk oil and gas pipelines under roads, railways, and other protected areas. In Odessa and Vinnitsa regions experts of HDD method LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" with the help of machines have successfully completed a number of punctures under roads and have layed metal cases diameter of 500 mm for gas pipelines.


Construction of rain water systems 

The most powerful HDD complex based on drilling machine VERMEER NAVIGATOR D100x120 with traction force of 45 tons are used by LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» for the construction of large diameter pipelines and long lengths. Thus in the Crimea at 708 + 585 km of road «Kharkiv-Simferopol-Yalta» with this equipment for the first time in Ukraine LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» has performed a puncture of large diameter 1020 mm for installation in road embankments steel tube length of 84 m. Application of HDD method exclude the need for embankment disclosure and traffic violations. It significantly reduces the cost of operations and construction time.


Geological exploration

For the successful execution of drilling operations LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» carries out geological survey work, which give the opportunity to study the properties of soil conditions of underground waters and other obstacles. It provides information freely at a high quality level perform drilling. In particular geological exploration is performed by LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» before construction cases for gas pipeline under Southern Bug river, which flows on a granite layer. Geological exploration made it possible to choose the optimal drilling trajectory that took place in the most favorable soil layer between granite slabs and bottom of the river. As a result, were easily made all drilling works by HDD equipment Vermeer Navigator D100x120 and successfully tightened two steel cases for gas pipelines with a diameter of 420 mm and a length of 280 m.


Installation and welding of plastic pipes

During the works for the construction of pipelines machines for butt welding of polyethylene pipes of different diameters high and low pressure are used. Butt welding is fast, reliable and economical way to connect the pipes. During welding pipe ends are processed and heated to the plastic state at 180-2200C. Then  the heated welding surface is connected under pressure and, after cooling weld seam form a compound that does not differ in their mechanical qualities from the pipe without welds. These compounds of pipelines can withstand traction force of HDD equipments.


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