Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Drilling machines

To implement the HDD technology are used special drilling machine - self-propelled crawler-mounted installations that use variables rods, drill heads and expanders to perform drilling horizontal wells with different diameters and pass through a channel formed pipelines of different materials.

Excavators and trenchers

Open trenching performed for arranging trenches and excavation for utilities, road construction of any type, grounds for buildings and other facilities, territory planning for construction and others. The company use excavators, trenchers, bulldozers and other equipment for the implementation of open ground works.


LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" uses trenchless method of vibrating laying underground pipelines for the construction of fiber-optic lines, construction of electricity power cables, protective polyethylene pipes for cables, plastic pipes of small diameter (100 mm) and others. This technology is implemented using special cable-laying machines equipped with vibrating plow (knives).