Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Excavators and trenchers

Construction and repair of underground engineering communications by open (trench) method are performed in areas where violation issues of surface is not determinative, and in cases where municipal systems do not interfere with construction projects.

The main advantages of the open method of excavation are:

– troubleproof work at low temperatures in frozen soils

– the possibility of removal and reconstruction of existing underground utilities

– operation of pits and trenches of large and small sizes (depths).

Open ground works for the construction and repair of underground utilities mainly carried out in four phases: trench extension and soil excavation; laying and connection of pipelines (or other communications); trench backfilling and tamping; recovery of territory, which is adjacent to the trench. For the implementation of open ground works LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» uses its own wheel and crawler excavators, mini excavators and truck mounted excavators, trenchers, bulldozers and other earth-moving machinery.

LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» by open ground method performs:

– Support work during the construction of communication lines

– Removal and reconstruction of existing underground utilities

– Laying and restore of municipal service pipelines 

– Trench extension of large size and length for laying pipelines

– Clearing and planning of building grounds

– Other general construction and earthworks

Technical and operational characteristics of wheeled and tracked excavators

Model of excavator

ATLAS 1304

ATLAS 1404

EO Belarus

EO 2621

EDER 825


Digging Depth, m







Bucket Volume, m3







Max. speed km/h.







Weight, t







Power, kW.







Soil Category








Wheeled excavators are widespread in the implementation of different types of construction and repair works.  The main advantages of wheel excavators include their high mobility and maneuverability and precision excavation of soil. LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» has the following wheel excavators models: ATLAS 1304, ATLAS 1404, EO 2621, EO Belarus and others. Own speed of wheel excavators up to 30 km/h. They also can be towed by trucks with a speed of 40 km/h. LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» using excavators in towns for building and repairing cable sewer, laying and replacement of pipelines, digging of foundation pits, trenches, planning construction grounds, loading building materials etc. In order to perform specific ground works, excavators equipped with additional equipment, such as grabs for digging deep pits, hydraulic hammers for soil hoeing and others.

Truck-mounted excavators are used for the rapid implementation of open excavation in accidents switching on main lines.  This technique is equipped with a telescopic boom and bucket swivel that allows you to quickly move from the font shovel to the reverse scooping shovel. As the drive can be used as the base car engine and the single engine mounted on a rotating platform. High permeability and reliability of excavators, truck allows apply them when needed mobility and rapid implementation of open excavation. LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» using excavators EOV-4421 (cuirassier) based on car of raised passableness KrAZ-255 for trenching of underground utilities in the repair work on the lines, for making existing communications during the construction and repair of roads, for soil excavation in remote places and others.

Crawler excavators characterized by high stability, capacity and successfully cope with soils of varying complexity (stony, frozen, etc.). The own speed of tracked excavators is 2-15 km/h, so to thу work place these machinery are transported by tractors  on special trawls.  Working range of bucket volume is very wide: from 0.04 m3 to career types with 10 m3 bucket capacity. Special chassis on tracks provide high permeability, stability and low ground pressure at high mass of excavator. Therefore, this technique is used in the construction of main underground communications in mountainous areas, in sloping areas, on weak and waterlogged soils, etc. LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» has full-turn excavators EDER 825 and ATLAS 1404 LS. The main body of work is a font shovel, reverse scooping shovel, dragline. LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» mainly uses crawler excavators for the construction of trunk oil and gas pipelines, long-distance lines and other underground utilities. In addition crawler excavators of enterprise perform such additional work as the destruction and dismantling of foundation, plates, arrays of concrete, rock etc.

Trenchers of LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» applies for digging trenches and further laying of utilities (piping, cables and others). The company uses its own highly productive trenchers PZM-2M. Depending on the construction conditions, these machines are equipped with one or two chain jib units, plows, fangs, rotor or disk working bodies and others. The main advantage of trenchers in comparison with other earth-moving machinery - a high performance and continuous operation in extreme conditions of construction. For example, for the construction of underground utilities at low temperatures frozen and stony soils trenchers are indispensable. They also effectively perform work in limestone, most of rocky breeds, concrete, asphalt etc. Depending on the working body, which is equipped with a trencher, wide deep and shallow narrow trenches can be cut off. As a result, the walls of the trenches are equal and parallel, and depth is constant over the entire length of the trench. Qualitatively designed trench allows to significantly save costs spent on materials (sand, gravel, etc. ) and work on the making «pillow» of the future underground communications.

Bulldozers are auxiliary equipment and are used by LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» at all stages of the construction and repair of underground utilities. LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» using this technique to perform clearing and planning of construction grounds, removal of asphalt and rooting belts, moving construction materials and backfill trenches, hoeing of difficult soils and others. To perform such work are used crawler dozers or wheeled tractors equipped with blades, shields, fangs and other attachments. In addition bulldozers of LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» are utilized for layered digging, planning and movement of soils, road-building and other materials for construction and repair of roads, canals, waterworks, etc.

In the car park of the company are also available modern drilling systems and cable laying machines.