Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Other services


Earthworks and general construction works 

LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» performs general construction works and comprehensive preparing of building grounds, namely:

– earthworks on the development of foundation pits to a depth of 6,0m in any soils
– digging trenches to a depth of 1.2 m and a width of 0.5 m
– backfilling of trenches and pits, loading and removal of residual soil
– removal of pavement, hoeing of solid soils, rooting forest belts
– leveling earthen surface, planning construction grounds
– placing embankments and their subsequent consolidation

To perform excavation and general construction works LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» uses its own wheeled and crawler excavators, trenchers, bulldozers and other equipment and machinery.


Freight transportation

LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» provides transportation services throughout Ukraine and abroad:

– outsize agricultural and construction equipment, machinery, etc.
– delivery of construction materials (granite and gravel rubble, river and mining sand, cement, concrete, soil, peat, black earth, stone, etc.)
– transportation of goods, equipment and others

For transportation services company used its own tractors, trucks, trailers: DAF, KAMAZ, KrAZ, URAL, GAZ and others. Before each departure technical check of the vehicle is made, preparing the necessary documents and permits to transportation (including transportation of oversize). All cars are equipped with navigation systems GPS.


Rental of machinery

  LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3»  offers (rental and purchase):

– Tractors with wheels of traction class 6.0 ts;
– Tracked tractors of traction class to 13.0 tf;
– Trailers and semitrailers with capacity up to 20.0 tons;
– Excavators with one bucket with capacity of 0.5 m3 to 1.5 m3;
– Trench, providing development trenches width of 0.3 to 0.5 m at a depth of 1.2 m;
– Dozers wheeled and tracked of traction class from 1.4 to 8.0 tons;
– Automobile cranes with capacity up to 10 tons;
– Lift truck with capacity up to 10 tons;
– Cable laying machines that provide cable laying diameter up to 40 mm and depth up to 1.8 m;
– Wire laying machines for laying wires to a depth of 0.6 m;
– Soil hoeing machines, which ensure its hoeing to a depth of 1.2 m;

– Trench fillers with capacity of up to 2.5 km/h;
– Units for puncture holes with a diameter of 180 mm;
– Equipment for horizontal directional drilling diameter up to 1000mm and length up to 1000 m;
– Drill pole setting machines that provide drilling diameter of 0.5 m, equipped with crane equipment with capacity up to 1. 5 tons;
– Pulling winches with maximum traction force of 1000 kN;
– Cars and car lifts for lifting to a height of 20m, equipped with baskets of capacity up to 300 kg;
– Car lifting equipment with capacity up to 1.5 tons;
– Pumps with productivity from 16 to 130 m3/h 
– Hoists of cable reels with capacity up to 3 tons;
– Gasoline Electric units with generators with capacity up to 4.0 kW;
– Compressor stations with working pressure of 700 kPa;
– Cable transporters that provide transportation up to 10 drums of cable;
– Pneumo punchers for forming holes with a diameter up to 130 mm;
– Bush cutters portable for cutting branches with a diameter of 150 mm;
– Vibrating hammers with power from 1 to 10 kN;
– Pneumatic tools with mechanical energy of hit from 20 to 100 J;
– Rammers with mechanical energy of hit of 20 to 100 J.