LLC "BUDYVELNYK 3" performs the full range of design and survey, construction and commissioning works.
  • LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" engaged in the construction of transport fiber optic communication lines "turnkey" (FOCL). For this purpose the company uses modern technology of laying, installation and measurement of fiber optic cable. In general LLC "BUILDER-3" has successfully built and put into operation more than 10 thousands km of FOCL.

  • To perform works by HDD method LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" uses its own drilling machines VERMEER NAVIGATOR D7x11, D18x22, D33x44, D36x50, D100x120 pulling force from 4 to 45 tons. LLC "BUDYVELNYK-3" has built over 150 km of pipelines of small and large diameters using HDD method.  

  • LLC «BUDYVELNYK-3» performs specialized works on the reconstruction of existing cable lines, modernization and reconstruction of water supply and sewerage, reorganization of overhead and underground cable power lines and others. During its existence, the enterprise has reconstructed and reorganized about 1000 km of engineering utilities.

  • Excavation and general construction works, cargo transfer materials and oversized loads - an integral component of any construction projects. The involvement of organizations that specialize in such works and use their own equipment, allows to mechanize the most difficult processes during the construction work, which, undoubtedly, are economically advantageous for the customer.  

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The company works under the license of Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine №514174, and in accordance with the current regulatory technical documentation on the design and construction engineering utilities.

LLC "BUILDER-3" provides services in laying underground communications using horizontal drilling. The company specializes in complex works of installation and reconstruction already laid communications using trenchless technology.