Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground communications in the city of Lutsk

All are well aware of the consequences of trenching the construction of pipelines and utilities underground. Ground displacement, damage to installation materials and pavement, road blocking, destruction of landscaping, where underground work is carried out, increased danger for workers.

HDD (horizontal directional drilling, puncturing) is a modern alternative to the trench technique of the underground structure. Communications under the ground are laid using special equipment without digging trenches. The soil is then selected from the well, which avoids collapse. The construction and improvement of the city is not damaged, the road for the period of work does not overlap. The whole process takes a minimum of time and effort to recover.

Construction of communication takes place in 4 stages:

The company is engaged in the study of the location of construction works, determines the features of the ground, establishes the existence of already established communications, obtains permission for work and documents;
Drilling and expansion of the pilot well;
Piping the pipeline;
Final work.

A few years ago no one could even think about this, today it is a popular service of construction companies specializing in underground communications. Of course, traditional methods of laying underground utilities have not been canceled. They continue to be actively used. HDDs are preferred, as a rule, in cases when underground work is impossible or very difficult to carry out by traditional methods. For example, under rivers, lakes, roads and railways, with a dense urban infrastructure, under environmental protection facilities.

The cost of horizontal directional drilling is lower than the cost of traditional methods. This is because the HDD does not require additional labor and earthmoving equipment.

Trenchless laying of pipes for communications, water, gas, etc. can also be ordered in the city of Lutsk. For example, the service of the HDD is provided by Budivelnik-3. Drilling of wells for water, masonry of pits, cesspools, connection of pumps, water supply can be ordered directly from BUD-3.COM.UA.

"Budivelnik-3" - for more than 12 years on the market

LLC "Budivelnik-3" offers revolutionary technologies of trenchless construction of underground engineering communications. For more than 10 years, the company has specialized in trenchless construction of cable (fiber-optic) communication lines by vibrating cable laying machines; the laying of small and large diameter pipelines by the method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD); sanitation and modernization of water supply networks and gravity sewerage; reconstruction of existing trunk and local cable communication networks and other underground communications.

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