Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Horizontally directed drilling and construction of underground communications in the city of Kiev

Horizontally directed drilling (hereinafter referred to as HDD) is a new trenchless technique for conducting underground works without opening the soil. About 95% of all actions are carried out underground.

Advantages of technology:

In the process of work, you do not need to stop traffic on the road;
There is no need to make trenches;
Do not lower the water table, even if it exceeds the norm;
Pipes before and after installation are not covered with sand;
All trees, shrubs, landscaped plants are not cut down, there is no threat to improvement;
Works are carried out in the shortest possible time;
The price, in comparison with the trench technique, is 2-3 times lower;
Technique of work allows avoiding damage to materials;
Minimal risk of damage to communications;
Trenchless technology is safe for both the environment and people, since a minimum of equipment is used, and there are no open trenches.
Companies engaged in HDD, first investigate the place of work, determine its properties and features. Then draw up the necessary documentation with a work permit. It may be necessary to correct the drilling trajectory.

Stages of work

A special tool is a pilot well;
Its diameter increases by + - 40% more than the pipe size;
A pipeline is being pulled into the well.
Where to use

Networks of underground lines under lakes, rivers, roads, railways, etc.
Laying of water pipes, sewerage, pipelines, gas pipelines;
The method is used for routing cables.

Recently, horizontally directed drilling is actively used in Kiev. Movement in the city does not stop during the execution of works and the improvement is not amenable to destruction. Which significantly saves the budget and time.

In addition to the HDD of the company for the construction of underground engineering infrastructure, other services that are no less popular are also offered:

Construction of microtunnel shield complexes;
Construction of mechanized shield complexes;
Open-cast construction.
One of the largest companies in Ukraine with 70 years of experience is the "KIEVPODZEMDORSTROY" CONCERN. He owns innovative technologies, the latest equipment, a strong production base, highly qualified personnel.

Several main objects of the concern in the city of Kiev for the last time:

A sewage collector was built along Stetsenko Street, 3265 m long, 1200 mm in diameter; on the avenue Bazhana (1087 m / 2280 mm).
Construction of a complex of artesian water supply facilities.
They reconstructed the water main (4617m / 1400mm).
They made a complex of artesian water supply facilities in Osokorki-Severnye.

"Budivelnik-3" - for more than 12 years on the market

LLC "Budivelnik-3" offers revolutionary technologies of trenchless construction of underground engineering communications. For more than 10 years, the company has specialized in trenchless construction of cable (fiber-optic) communication lines by vibrating cable laying machines; the laying of small and large diameter pipelines by the method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD); sanitation and modernization of water supply networks and gravity sewerage; reconstruction of existing trunk and local cable communication networks and other underground communications.

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Excellent microbiological properties, the highest strength and resistance to mechanical overloads make cement-sand coatings indispensable during the construction of pipelines that are designed for urban water supply systems.


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