Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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HDD in Khmelnitsky

The maximum effective and rapid construction of underground communications is based on the use of horizontally directed drilling - the most optimal and economical trenchless method of laying pipelines and gas pipelines, as well as cable communication lines.

While the trench shim requires the extraction of all soil and asphalt in a certain area with an excavator, when performing HDD, only one entry point and one exit point are needed. Therefore, when installing underground communications using this particular system, you can achieve maximum integrity of the roadway, and landscapes with infrastructure will remain intact.
Regarding the social aspect, the installation of pipelines and gas pipelines with the help of the HDD provides an opportunity to protect residents of nearby territories from various inconveniences: deep pits, polluted pavements and various garbage. The use of the HDD method ensures free movement of people and allows to maintain adequate movement of transport.

Horizontal directional drilling is a complex process, consisting of 5 stages:
  • Drilling a pilot well;
  • Expansion of the formed well with the help of a rimmer;
  • Pulling the pipeline;
  • Cementing;
  • The final stage is the delivery of special documentation.
  • The work is carried out with the help of HDD installations, which differ beyond such parameters as the maximum pulling force for broaching, the maximum diameter and length of drilling, as well as the radius of bending of the rod string.

Important points in the performance of HDD are:
  • The location of the site of work, which should be as far as possible from the nearest settlement and as close as possible to the reservoir with water for drilling mud;
  • Availability of certain documentation;
  • Localization of the drilling complex;
  • Characteristics of a possible crossed object (road / railroad, alley, etc.);
  • Scope of work to clear and prepare the area where drilling will be performed.

It is also worth remembering drilling fluids that play a huge role in determining drilling speed, provide protection of the environment and prevent collapses and possible complications during drilling. The most popular options are bentonite solutions and substances that increase their effectiveness: clay demulsifiers, lubricants, polymers to maintain a certain viscosity of the drilling fluid.
In the city of Khmelnytsky there are several companies, one of them is http://bud-3.com.ua/en/ with many years of experience, providing its highly qualified services for horizontal directional drilling in the shortest possible time and for an adequate price that will satisfy even the most demanding client.

"Budivelnik-3" - for more than 12 years on the market

LLC "Budivelnik-3" offers revolutionary technologies of trenchless construction of underground engineering communications. For more than 10 years, the company has specialized in trenchless construction of cable (fiber-optic) communication lines by vibrating cable laying machines; the laying of small and large diameter pipelines by the method of horizontal directional drilling (HDD); sanitation and modernization of water supply networks and gravity sewerage; reconstruction of existing trunk and local cable communication networks and other underground communications.

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