Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Methods of horizontal directional drilling

Construction company "Budivelnik-3" carries out installation of underground utilities by directional drilling with using the latest building technologies and modern drilling equipment. Drilling specialists do their job without harming the environment, leaving the landscape with urban infrastructure intact, saving time and money customers work on the installation of underground utilities.

The practice of using this method

"Budivelnik-3" will hold the laying of underground utilities in an area where there are:

- Urban structure. On the way to the pipeline or other type of communication can be placed objects of urban construction, for example, garage buildings or shopping pavilions. HDD method allows you to freely assemble the required communication and route them under constructions.

- Squares and parks. The technology of horizontal directional drilling allows you to install underground utilities without creating trenches and other earthworks, as a result of which you can do without destroying the cultural and historical heritage of the inhabitants of settlements.

- Rivers, lakes and other water bodies. By trenchless laying of underground utilities can successfully install the pipe and cable lines under the ponds.

- Ravines and rocky massifs. Horizontal drilling makes it possible to install underground utilities in the field with ravines, as well as in areas with rocky massifs, that is, where there is no equal in terms of geometric and stable earth's surface.

- Other underground utilities. Prior to the drilling will be carefully studied the trajectory along which will be laying underground utilities on the presence of already existing systems of urban facilities, which helps to prevent the occurrence of various accidents and injuries exploited in the present communication.

Unlike other methods of installation of the pipeline and cable lines, which performs digging of trenches, the horizontal drilling method time for work is reduced at least in five times, which directly affects the cost of communications laying.

Specialists "Budivelnik-3" will actively assist in the preparation of permits to carry out the installation of underground utilities, and we will help to coordinate actions to implement the planned construction with the city authorities.

Cooperation with "Budivelnik-3" - is the most effective and efficient partition of your own time and money that you select for installing of underground utilities!