Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Installation of communication lines using trenchless technology of laying pipes

Construction company «BUDYVELNYK-3» is an industry leader in installation of underground communication without excavation of the soil. In carrying out this work, we use the pipe-laying technology, the use of which allows you to effectively and efficiently solve virtually any engineering challenge of installing underground piping communications. This type of construction technology in many cases is the only one option of the pipe installation, for example, trenchless technology of laying pipes based on HDD method is actively used during the reconstruction of trunk pipeline, which is under the roadway with heavily traffic or under the foundation of building.

Features Technology laying pipes without trenching

The specialists of «Budivelnik-3» perform installation of new pipeline communications:

  • With the destruction of worn-out infrastructure, instead of the existing pipe. In this method produced repairs of failed communication. When installing the pipe diameter can be used the same communication with the old version or a slightly larger nominal size. Pipe bursting is held by a special rod with the tip, which gently breaks the body of communications, making it possible to install the same type of new pipe. 
  • No destruction of the old communications inside pipes, without a snug fit to the walls of worn-out pipeline. This method of laying cable communications is the easiest option of reconstruction of the out of order pipeline systems. The pipe of smaller diameter is supplied to the body of communication, and the old communication are disconnected from the pipeline circuit.
  • No destruction of the old communications inside the pipe, and the landing with great tension is used. This method of raplacing communications is performed in several stages. At the beginning a new pipe is crumpled, so that it can be easily pulled through the length of the reconstructed communication ground, and then under the influence of air pressure or water the pipe unbends tightly adhering to the walls of the old piping system.
  • In places where there is no pipeline systems. This method, where technology of laying pipes is used allows to install pipeline communications of any type. It can be used as a metal pipes and of plastic profile, nylon fibers, and of many other materials that are used today to create piping systems.

 Technology of horizontal directional drilling used in our company for laying pipelines of different diameters.