Horizontal directional drilling and construction of underground utilities

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Terms and prices of HDD works

«Budivelnik-3» performs works on the installing of underground utilities infrastructure using of trenchless construction technologies. Performing of these works in many cases, are  the only one option for installation of underground utilities in settlements. The result of the construction using trenchless technology – works are performed in a short time , with minimal cost and large savings of hysical strength of staff, and the laying of pipeline and cable routes is carried out without destroying the landscape. Preview of the HDD price you, dear visitors, can see at catalog of the services of our organization.

Construction company «Budivelnik-3» is a leader in the field of effective construction work with the highest quality result, so we use in our work exclusively modern models of construction equipment. Our equipment is adapted to the effective implementation of work on the territory populated settlements where are necessary mobility, efficiently and as quickly as possible to cope with the responsibilities entrusted to builders. The conditions of the order of our technology and the price of HDD construction are presented on the page with description of provided services by experts of «Budivelnik-3».  

In the implementation of the construction through the use of trenchless technology we employ the most modern drilling machines – this are equipment of companies such as: Vermeer and Ditch Witch. Depending on the specific-set tasks for the specialists of «Budivelnik-3, it  can be activated drilling machines with a traction force from 10 to 500 (TC), which allows to perform a wide range of works on installation of underground utilities. Models of technics of our company are widely used today for the laying of telephone lines and electrical trunk-lines, as well as for such communications as water/gas pipelines and sewerage systems. Terms and conditions of technology and HDD price are indicated on the page with a description of our services.

Specialists « Budivelnik-3» can qualitatively perform installation of underground utilities on the territory of any ground – it can be a loamy soil, rocks or rocky coquina. And, thanks to using technologies, drilling equipment are able to install underground communication in the presence of ground water in the soil.
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